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Welcome to visit EmpireChem Private Bond Investor Relation Page

To investors,

EmpireChem combines economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility. We are going to issue private bonds by non-public offering and continue to update the information so that you are easy to have a more comprehensive understanding. Investment promotion information will be updated regularly after the release of our finance figures, in order to allow all investors to understand the financial situation and important industry performance. At the same time, we have been organizing visits to our headquarter to help investors better know our products and service solutions. In addition, for investors and analysts, we also provide annual industry analysts conference, for a further acquaintance in industry trend, the latest information and the EmpireChem strategy. Our good credits, high degree of liquidity, diversified income structure and risk management policy result in our leading position around the world. Moreover, our customer resources, strong supply network and the scarcity of corporate bonds are contributing to the EmpireChem success. After years of efforts, EmpireChem has become the industry leader, uniquely positioned with broad market access, portfolio of technologies.


EmpireChem Investor Relation Team

20th March 2016