Start at EmpireChem

Wherever you will start at EmpireChem, you will soon feel like an integral part of your team. There will be many opportunities to learn from your colleagues and share your knowledge with them every day. With our development dialog and performance management, we aim to support your personal and professional development.

Learning & Development

We offer competitive compensation and attractive benefits to enhance your work-life balance. You will find a lot of internal opportunities such as seminars and external further education to learn and to develop your personal and professional skills.

Comprehensive Training

EmpireChem is a well-known talent developer because of the broad range of challenging assignments, tranings, carrer patterns, and the opportunity for cross organizational moves.


We need professionals and encourage employees to develop their capacity. At EmpireChem, employees come together in interdisciplinary and global teams to realize exciting projects. We provide internal meetings to let our employees to communicate with their superior for performance and efficiency, then to better know different department duties and company culture. You are entrusted with customized goals to enhance your potential ability.

Primary Management Project

Target for: staffs that have 2 to 5 years working experience. Project aims to establish a team (such as profit and growth, social responsibility and investigation for management decision) to complete cross-functional projects. We plan to support young employees at the beginning to develop leadership skills and build their own networks.

Leadership Management Project

Target for: outstanding staffs who have been involved in leadership management in the past 2 years or to be a leader in the following half year. Project aims to develop skills for social communications and leadership for the backup and support for potential leaders and further to understand the art of leadership.

International Management Project

Target for: outstanding staff that have potentials to be appointed to a general manager. Project aims to expand perspective from single function to cross-department, from region to global, and to improve management skills to apply new methods for analyzing and solving complex problems.