Research & Innovation

EmpireChem is an advocate of sustainable development and become one of the important chemical innovators in China. We consider sustainable development and spent 7% of sales on R & D every year. As a result, the share of investment or funds to R & D is located in the front row in chemical industry. To make chemicals to play a more important role in the future, EmpireChem focus on creating value, sustainable development and strategy constantly to improve innovation level. We continuously invest in research and development, to create a free environment for innovation. The interdisciplinary team of our development and innovation leads to the pursuit of sustainable development. Consequently, EmpireChem’s innovation solutions cover almost all industries for long-term success.


From conception to theoretical study, and to evaluate and incubator, EmpireChem has always been in the pursuit of chemical innovation as an important part in upgrading life quality of human beings such as clothing, food safety, building energy conservation, clean energy, public services and etc. Through free exploration and cross cooperation, we are committed to providing innovative way for long-term development for a quality life and environment.


Human development is based on micro innovation that can improve our product process. EmpireChem considers more efficient in saving energy, water saving and low energy application to environment are important factors in development. Thus, one of the primary and continuous tasks for EmpireChem is to create value by micro innovation.

Cooperation & Innovations

Cooperation plays an important role in the process to explore innovative ideas for our experts. The highly diversified and globalization network also provide motivation for research. Thus, EmpireChem actively invites outside partners to be involved in our innovation, and keeps close with our partners in scientific research and business.