Cold Forming

Wire, rope, cable, clip, tools, spring and high strength joints had been increasingly more applying to our daily life. The cold forming is the key technology for these products and has a determinate impact to their performance. The EmpireChem have an absolute advantage. From the environmental Phosphorus free cleaning technology to the net-like high-polymer lubricating technology, the EmpireChem provide the most suitable solution ubiquitously. 

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Cleaning Reagent

Our  company provide a series of solid or liquid high-performance cleaning reagents, which can be applied to the de-fating and cleaning of the surface of the metal,Phosphorus after the cold forming, the cleaning of left oxalate and the cleaning of the carbon deposit after the anneal

Acid Corrosion Inhibitor

The acid corrosion inhibitor is an additive added to the sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid in order to ease the corrosion of the metal, which can avoid the over corrosion and the pungent odor produced by the reaction between the metal and the acid. The inhibitor is able to improve the surface quality of the work piece after pickling, extend the service life of the tank and improve the work environment.

Surface Modifying Reagent & Neutralizing Reagent

The surface adjusting reagent can compact the phosphate film, accelerate the phosphating reaction, enhance the adhesion of the coating and reduce the consumption of the phosphating solution. The surface modifier is very important for the medium temperature phosphating (including ferrous iron).Adding neutralizing regent to the water washing tank after phosphating is helpful to prolong the life of the solution of lubrication products(soap,polymer,MoS2).

Conversion Coating

According to the customer’s demand, we can choose different phosphating process, provide different thickness of the phosphating film, or provide other products applied to a lower temperature or a product which is easy to operate and control. We can also provide a low-slag, improved, calcium/zinc based phosphating products, which will be suitable to needs of a large number of deformation operation when it co-operate with the polymer lubricant. In addition to the use of traditional phosphating accelerator, we also provides he medium temperature phosphating solution (including ferrous iron)


In order to face some complex or difficult deformation, the water-soluable MoS2 dispersion products can provide you with high-performance lubrication treatment. In many processing technologies, materials can be lubricated without phosphating. The latest lubricant is the polymer one and it could perform more excellent.


The work piece such as fasteners after cold forming usually needs an antirust treatment. Our antirust products is generally treated as an emulsion and then heated to process the surface of the workpiece after phosphating. Some products even can meet the special demand of tension and friction. The non-emulsified oil can also be directly used on the surface of the bare metal.

Electro Phosphate

The no-slag heavy metal free calcium-based electro phosphating is a true substitute product to the traditional zinc-based phosphating, and can be converting to the existing production line. It can replace the traditional phosphating process of the continuous production line or the salt medium after the mechanical or chemical derusting. The forming accuracy of low carbon or high carbon steel wire can be improved. It’s the first time to achieve the online processing of the High carbon steel wire.