Coil Steel & Aluminum Coil

From the volume of aluminum, to be pre-coated coil, and promote in the industry involved in development and progress of the industry. From phosphate free to non-Ammonia Nitrogen to heavy metals, our mission is to make the 2020 industry waste and waste in our service as low as zero.

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Aluminum coil

EmpireChem has developed chrome-free application in the industry, and provide a variety of aluminum coil precision cleaning reagent, widely used in PS board, pull bending straightening production line and kinds of intermediate cleaning, coated aluminum roll pre-treatment reagent and architectural decoration materials.


Cleaning & Degreasing

The art of differs from immersion and diversity cleaning spray, roller coating or alkaline degreasing, to low bending cleaning in high speed finishing line. Our request is to fulfill the variety of requests from our clients.


Hot Rolled Coil

In the process of hot rolling, the strip is oxidized in the air, leaving a layer of oxide on the surface. Before descaling subsequent molding process of hot rolled plate, it needs to have the physical removal, then for the hydrochloric acid or sulfuric acid pickling corrosion inhibitor, which requires a combination of specific, to prevent the pickling reaction of H2 on the surface of hydrogenembrittlement. The last procedure is for degreasing, for the protection during transportation and storage.



The technology of pre-coating for coiled material is different from substrate, and the use of color coated plate. A traditional method for cold rolling and hot dip galvanized coil impregnation or spray was to treat in the way of chrome, zinc phosphating and alkaline oxidation. Today, there are more needs for cost-effective, thus our environmental chrome free process which can reduce the waste of water and becomes a global trend for new color coating production line. Consequently, in recent years, our products have been widely used for industrial production, construction and household appliances and other fields with the advantage of excellent paint adhesion, cutting and molding process, non-peeling and cracking art.