Ships & Offshore Platforms

The EmpireChem provides a whole series products of hydraulic fluid and both plant-oil-based lubricant and the traditional hydrocarbon type lubricant, which can reduce the threat of fire in the key area. Our products are used widely by US Navy, Coast Guard, gas and petroleum exploitation industry (near the sea), ferry, cruise ships etc.

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Surface Treatment

Corrosion would be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChem’s surface processing products can take effect of corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating, which can reduce the defective rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency


Spareparts Cleaning & Prevention

The EmpireChem fully realizes the fluid chemistry and the process of car manufacture, which can manage the metal cleaning process more effectively. Our cleaning products are used by the world-class manufacturers (Such as BOSCH and Volkswagen) in their metal cleaning process. These products can provide them with biological stability and the possibility of operating under the ordinary temperature thus its energy saving.


Metal Cutting

Modern manufacturers and suppliers required a metal cutting medium that can be applied to a variety of material and processing technology. By using the third generation of biological stabilization technology, our kollok series products can have longer life length without adding any extra additives.


Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid 

EmpireChem’s high-performance Non-flammable hydraulic fluid would be the one of the most recognized medium in all the related industry and have a close relationship with the car manufacturers. This Non-flammable hydraulic fluid have acquire the FM certification, can prevent the loss caused by fire accident effectively


Heat Treatment

The EmpireChem stands at a leading position around the world in the felid of heat treatment technology, providing the quenching medium,related products, technique support as well,and able to choose the most suitable quenching medium for the heat treatment technology of the particular parts. For example, the LI12 series products are suited to a variety of induction quenching and immersion quenching in the shipbuilding industry. The EmpireChem’s heat treatment products provide good metallurgical property and minimize the deformation of the parts


Metal Forging

Metal forming technology such as stamping would be needed in the production of manufacturing the hull and the cover plate. The EmpireChem’s product of lubricant can prolong the service life of metal forging equipment. The EmpireChem have a variety of products and technology which can apply to the forming of metal ship parts.