Communication & Digital

Communication technologies and informatization had promoted the unprecedented progress of mankind, which enable people to have a mutual understanding and build a more advanced society.

The EmpireChem have a completed product series of cutting and grinding medium and noninflammable hydraulic fluid, which can optimize your forging technology. Our products not only can enhance the machining property and the quality of parts, but reduce the waste discharge and extend the service life of your producing equipment, saving your whole cost.

There are too many factors that can influence the performance of metal processing medium but the EmpireChem can create a considerable value for you during these processes by our professional maintenance technologies. We have plenty of professional technologies and experience in the related field, which gives suggestion to your products and processing technology. In this way, your producing efficiency will be improve and the whole cost would be reduced effectively.

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Surface Treatment

Corrosion should be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChem’s surface processing products can take effect in corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating, which can reduce the defective rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency

Oxidation & Corrosion Protection Technology

Modern communication manufactures and consumers are requiring both a good looking as well as a long-term stability. EmpireChem can provide a solution of improving the weather resistance of the inside or outside oxidated decoration, meeting both the visual demand and the resistance of scratches, acid and alkali.


For modern communication equipment manufacturers, the EmpireChem’s products had covered the whole decorative and functional electroplating, semiconductor and printed board manufacturing technology. The EmpireChem Chemical’ surface treatment products can use in all kinds of materials, including Steel, aluminum and plastic. It’s also applicable from the engine to the electronic equipment and power system.

Metal Cleaning

We provide a complete series of cleaning reagent, including the spray cleaning reagent, foam cleaning reagent and vibration cleaning reagent, which can make the work pieces become compatible to the following processing steps by removing the oil and other impurities on its surface. The EmpireChem’s cleaning reagent includes alkaline type, synthetic type, emulsion type, detergent type and acid type.

Metal Rust

The EmpireChem’s rust protection products can prevent the parts from corrosion so that your defective rate will be decreased and the cost of re-productivity will be saved. These products can be applied in many processing technologies like spraying soaking and coating, providing good prevention during processing steps, transportation and storage.

Metal Cutting

Our metal cutting products, including pure oil chemicals, oil-soluble chemical,synthetic chemical and semi synthetic chemical, can provide excellent lubrication  in the machining process after