Architecture & Infrastructure

Architecture is the carrier of humans living and activities. With the development of society, humans are not only satisfied with its living function but starting requiring an environmental protecting and energy saving building. From energy saving concrete to heat insulating system, and to the green coating of aluminum building, EmpireChem can provide the completed and systemic solution.

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Concrete Admixture

The EmpireChem’s concrete admixture had been successfully applied to building, highways, bridges, subway, high-speed railways, airport, water facilities etc.. Especially in the basic construction from large enterprises and domestic large company, EmpireChem have a very good reputation. So far, the construction of the west China building, Shanghai Construction Engineering, Huaxin cement concrete division, Rohdea concrete division and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge , Qinling Mountains Zhongnanshan tunnel are use the EmpireChem’s admixture products and supporting services


Equipment Installation& Spare Parts

The EmpireChem’s medium of surface processing can be used in the manufacture of metal products such as keel, stud, tools, and equipment, providing the first-class surface treatment and corrosion resistance. BOSCH STANLEY, our EmpireChem and other construction equipment supplier will make contribution to the development of high performance architecture.

Aluminum coating

EmpireChem’s eco-friendly aluminum production technology had been used by some top manufactures such as Huajian and Xinhe. Meeting the demand of eco-friendly building, we can also ensure its high performance.


Guard Rail & Security System

Barrier (including traffic barriers) and security system equipment needs a long-term stability, however, the corrosion from surrounding giving them a strict challenge. To face these challenge, the EmpireChem provide a high intense protection from their forming, electroplating and after coating, which give them an outstanding performance of protection.



Form the casting, heat treatment and after detail process, and to the later coating and lubrication, the chemicals of EmpireChem get involved to all the steps and give a full insurance to our clients. EmpireChem general industrial division is competent to be your exclusive chemical supplier in the field of elevator manufacturing and at your service all the time.


Oxidation & Corrosion Protection Technology

Modern automobile manufactures consumers are require both a good looking as well as a long-term stability. EmpireChem can provide a solution of improving the weather resistance of the inside or outside oxidated decoration, meeting both the visual demand and the resistance of scratches, acid and alkali.


Metal Rust

Corrosion should be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChem’s surface processing products can take effect in corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating, which can reduce the defective rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency.


Metal Forging

Our metal forging products include carbon type chemical, water/carbon type chemicals and hydrate forming chemicals, which can show an excellent lubrication performance. The EmpireChem’s products have been used in military ammunition manufacturing for years


Metal Forming

EmpireChem’s metal forming products are able to use in the metal forging and stamping process of the defense industry, the excellent lubrication from our product can ensure the efficient operation of your stamping equipment.


Metal Cutting

Our metal cutting products, including pure oil type chemical, oil-soluble chemical and synthetic chemical, can keep pace with the varied needs in the field of defense industry. Its biological stability can extend the life length of the medium used in the manufacture of tanks, military aircrafts, submarines and missiles, which means that our clients do not use extra expensive additives.

Water Treatment Chemicals

The EmpireChem have devoted to the technology maintenance and service of the paint room. The related products include the coating mist coagulant, Polymer coagulant, defoamer, Microbial inhibitor and other product of maintaining the print room. Coating mist coagulant is mainly applied to the Circulating water treatment of the Wet print room. When the over spraying print being caught by the Circulating water, the coating mist coagulant dispersed in the water will have a complicated physical and chemical reaction with the print, destroy its stickiness and finally Condensed into flakes.