Canning & Packing

The EmpireChem provides a completed series of products to the canning industry, including cleaning reagent, corrosive reagent, flow improver, after lubricant, copper lubricant and cooling agency. The using of these products will be provided technology solution and on –site technology support by our experienced engineers, which is our obvious advantage.

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Aseptic Cleaning

EmpireChem’s product of aseptic cleaning and bacteriostatic reagent can be used in the canning processing. The comprehensive solutions from EmpireChem can form a safe and efficient manufacturing environment


Disinfection & Sterilization

Canning and packing, as a part of the public dining tools, the requirements of disinfection and sterilization are being paid more and more attention. The EmpireChem’s Disinfectant contained quaternary ammonium salt or hydrogen peroxide had been providing comprehensive protection for this industry



The organic coatings from the EmpireChem’s after lubricant are generally applicable to the electrostatic adsorption of aluminum rolling mill. These products provide the protection against corrosion and enhance the lubricant function, which assist the following drawing process. All the products of the EmpireChem are compatible with the following industry process and enhance the performance of the front lubricant. Our products are fully service for you.


Metal surface Treatment

The EmpireChem provide canning industry with a free-chromium conversion coating, which are applicable to ink, varnish and so on. At the same time, it could be a secondary cleaning reagent,avoiding the metal being corroded once again.


Metal Cleaning

We provide a complete series of metal cleaning reagent, including the spray cleaning reagent, foam cleaning reagent and vibration cleaning reagent. The EmpireChem’s biology-stable cleaning reagent can be used at the normal temperature, which can reduce your energy cost.


Aluminum Pot Forming

The requirement of yield and can uniformity during the canning process will obviously influence the profit of manufacturer and the consumers using experience. The unique molding technology from EmpireChem has been providing quality assurance for the can manufacturers.


Chrome Free Passivation

With the growing pressure against the manufacturers and society becoming increasingly serious, nowadays, most of the manufactures are applying the chrome free pre-treatment technology. The EmpireChem promoted the chrome free manufacturing technology to the canning industry since 1986 in order to achieve the environment protection of food industry.