Every space or flight engineer knows that a plane used in upper atmosphere or a higher area needs an incredible accuracy in its all aspect. The top Aerospace manufacturers around the world use the chemicals of EmpireChem for ensuring the precision and quality of their products. The EmpireChem’s products had won a series of Aerospace certification.

Our product with unique formulation can help you overcome all the challenges and difficulties, such as strict industrial inspection, safety assessment and key requirements of performance. Whatever it is the advanced manufacturing technology of global aircraft manufacturer or detail parts processing of suppliers, EmpireChems cabin cleaning products are able to create value for you.

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Aerospace Certification

EmpireChem’s high quality products have continued access to extensive certification in leading aerospace industry. Our clients include Boeing, Northrop Grumman, NASA, Pratt & Amp, Whitney, Rawls Royce and General Dynamic Corp.



The EmpireChem fully realizes the fluid chemistry and the process of aircraft manufacturing, which can manage the metal cleaning more effectively. Our cleaning products are used by the world-class manufacturers in their cleaning process. These products can provide them with biological stability and the possibility of operating in normal temperature, thus its energy saving.


Surface Treatment

Corrosion should be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChem’s surface processing products can take effect in corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating, which can reduce the defective rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency


Heat Treatment

The EmpireChem stands at a leading position around the world in the felid of heat treatment technology, providing the quenching medium and related products, technique support as well. Our products include quenching oil and water soluble quenching medium, which the C series products had been written in AMS 3025 standard as an aviation-industry-certificated quenching liquid.


Metal Forging

The whole series of forging lubrication products of EmpireChem are able to apply in the key parts of aerospace industry. Our product could be suit to a variety of alloys forging, include steel, stainless steel, titanium and other special alloys, and can provide good lubrication performance, which extend the life of mold, reducing the whole operating costs


Metal Forming

For most aerospace manufacturers, the cost of lubricating medium takes a relatively small part in the whole production cost. However, it will have a big influence to other parts. The factors such as the service life of tools, the quality of the parts and waste water treatment that increase the cost could be improve by using EmpireChem’s lubricating products.


Metal Cutting

Modern aerospace manufacturers and suppliers required a metal cutting medium that can be applied to a variety of material and processing technique. The EmpireChem’s metal cutting mediums used in aerospace manufacturing have won the certification in this industry such as Shanghai Commercial Enterprise and China Aircraft.