Defense & Military

Military aircraft, tanks, bombs, submarines and other military industrial manufacturers usually use some high performance materials like alloy with high demand or special steel. Our EmpireChem’s experts can help you to choose a metal processing medium that meet your production demand and related certification.

From the heat treatment to the rust protection of surface, our technology can maximize your production efficiency but reduce the defective rate and alleviate the damage to the environment. By ensuring your operation being smooth, the cost of maintenance and downtime would be reduced effectively.

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Metal Cleaning

We provide a completed series of metal cleaning rereagent, including the spray cleaning rereagent, foam cleaning rereagent and vibration cleaning reagent, for military and defense industry. The EmpireChem’s cleaning reagent can be used at the normal temperature and have a biological stability, reducing your energy cost and the use of additional additives


Coating Surface Treatment

Corrosion should be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChem’s surface processing products can take effect in corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating, which can reduce the scrap rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency


Metal Rust

EmpireChem’s military products of rust protection can protect the military equipment form corrosion. Even in the harshest environment, it still shows a good protective effect.


Heat Treatment

The EmpireChem’s quenching medium can reduce the deformation rate, enabling the metallurgical properties can reach your requirements.


Metal Forging

Our metal forging products include carbon type chemical, water/carbon type chemicals and hydrate forming chemicals, which can provide a excellent lubrication performance. The EmpireChem’s products have been used in military ammunition manufacturing for years


Metal Forming

EmpireChem’s chemicals can be used in the metal forging and stamping process of the defense industry. The excellent lubrication from our product can ensure the efficient operation of your stamping equipment.


Metal Cutting

Our metal cutting products, including pure oil type chemical, oil-soluble chemical and synthetic chemical, can keep pace with the varied needs in the field of defense industry. Its biological stability can extend the life length of the medium used in the manufacture of tanks, military aircrafts, submarines and missiles, which means that our clients do not use extra expensive additives.