Household Application Industry

When machining or stamped home appliance parts need rust protection or to be cleaned, EmpireChem can provide completed cleaning products and rust protection rereagent. It is our goal that helping you to produce the most quality products with the lowest cost. Our products have biological stability, so you do not have to use any toxic or expensive additives, which improve the operation environment and reduce the production cost.

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Coating surface Treatment

Corrosion should be a consideration in all the metal processing. EmpireChems surface processing products can take effect in corrosion resistance and the improvement of adhesion for the coating during all the production process of home appliances, which can reduce the defective rate and improve the manufacturing efficiency


Metal Rust

The EmpireChems rust protection products can be applied in many processing technologies like spraying soaking and coating, providing good prevention during processing steps, transportation and storage.


Metal Cleaning

We provide a complete series of metal cleaning rereagent, including the spray cleaning rereagent, foam cleaning rereagent and vibration cleaning rereagent. The EmpireChems biology-stable cleaning rereagent can be used at the normal temperature, which can reduce your energy cost


Metal Forming

The manufacture of tableware, hand tools and hardware needs various metal forming processes, such as stamping. EmpireChems pure oil type lubricant, oil-soluble lubricant and synthetic lubricant will meet your demand of production quality and reduce the defective rate. Our product can prolong the service life of mold, providing a cleaner and safer production environment for you.


Metal Cutting

The EmpireChems metal cutting medium had applied a unique technology of biology stability and have a special slow-corrosion properties, prolonging the service life of oil and tools and making you to avoid using any extra additives.


Heat Treatment

Heat treatment plays an important role in the manufacture of the hardware and hand tools. No matter what kind of quenching medium (cold quenching oil, hot quenching oil or water-based quenching oil) you use in the processes, EmpireChems products and technology can minimize the deformation and defective rate, increasing you profits.


Water Treatment Chemicals

The EmpireChem have devoted to the technology maintenance and service of the paint room. The related products include the coating mist coagulant, Polymer coagulant, defoamer, Microbial inhibitor and other product of maintaining the print room. Coating mist coagulant is mainly applied to the Circulating water treatment of the Wet print room. When the over spraying print being caught by the Circulating water, the coating mist coagulant dispersed in the water will have a complicated physical and chemical reaction with the print, destroy its stickiness and finally Condensed into flakes.