Company Induction

EmpireChem has envolved into a global manufacturer of differentiated chemicals in China, delivering solutions for use in biological reagents, liquid crystal glass(LCG), health products, pharmaceutical intermediates, nickel aminosulfonate for electroplating, metal surface treatment reagents, Photovoltaic cutting fluid, macromolecular resin and etc. EmpireChem was founded to win the customer’s respect by its leading technology and cost-effective products. Nowadays, EmpireChem is ranking NO.212 among the top 500 industrial companies in Shanghai city. EmpireChem considers sustainable development and spends 7% of sales on R & D every year. As a result, the share of investment or funds to R & D is located in the front row in chemical industry.

Oriented by innovation value, we provide customers cost-effective solutions with environmental friendly raw materials, strictly controlled process and high-qualified products. Moreover, EmpireChem designs individual services, products and technical supports for every request from different customer.

EmpireChem has developed into a multi-structural enterprise by continual research and innovation, acquisition and capital increase in the past 20 years. In 2010, we set up EmpireChem Investment Fund, both for acquisition and holding to the existing related industry enterprises and investment in new materials innovations. Thus, we can constantly improve our advantages in industrial competition in the future.

“Dreams inspire the future” is our pursuit of innovation. EmpireChem encourages every employee to have their own dreams, because this related thinking, learning and action will lead to a forward-looking team. In 2009 EmpireChem set up the R & D department to have brain storming regularly with the other departments. In the process of ideas exchange, we have foreseen the future trends into the direction of research and development.

EmpireChem began to think globally for the trends and future exploration from 2011 through communications with global universities and innovation institutions. Our spirit has been always maintaining our employees with passion and vitality, and also made each division to achieve continuous growth in their respective fields..