EmpireChem Investment Fund(EIF)

We consider specialization, standardization, diversification, industrialization and internationalization as one of the important links for our sustainable development. Focusing on external and internal investment and mergers, EmpireChem Investment Fund shall be a key supplementary tool.

EmpireChem is one of the earliest domestics investment fund focus on chemical industry. Since 2010, we have not only invested 7 internal projects and 6 external companies in chemical segments, but acquired 3 professional chemicals companies. Except for providing funds for projects and business investment or acquisition of legal advice, professional consulting, research support, production management, market research and business development, EmpireChem helps entrepreneurs to  provide strategic development, integration of resources, talent The introduction of talent, global layout and other aspects to assistant business development and success.

EIF is committed to the pursuit of sustainable development with an open mind to create a better future.

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