New battery manufacturing processes at UofM Dearborn

2017-01-22 02:16:46

Pravansu Mohanty, associate professor of mechanical engineering at University of Michigan – Dearborn, has developed a new approach for direct deposition of phosphate and oxide compounds used in Lithium-ion batteries.

UofM’s Additive Manufacturing Process Laboratory developed this new approach for direct deposition for LiFePO4 as well as other materials, using liquid precursors. The approach uses an appropriate liquid precursor for the electrode material, which is injected to a plasma jet to atomize/pyrolize and deposit the desired material directly on the substrate in thin film form, ready for device assembly and testing.

“Our approach offers unique advantages in terms of process step elimination, and the method is scalable for large-area electrode manufacturing and hence viable for industrial-scale production,” Mohanty says.

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