Machinery and equipment

Machinery and equipment

       1. From metal raw materials to finished parts, Diye Chemicals can help all mechanical manufacturing processes operate effectively. Diye has more than 30 years of on-site experience and fully understands the complexity of manufacturing heavy machinery in agriculture, construction and mining industries.   

       2. Diye has a complete range of cutting and grinding media and surface treatment products, which can be used to optimize the forging process. Our products can not only support the machining performance, but also reduce waste emissions, extend the life of machinery and equipment and improve the quality of parts, thus saving you comprehensive costs.  

       3. Many factors may affect the performance of metal forging media - Diye can create value for you through professional maintenance technology. We have professional technology and experience, and can provide suggestions for products and processes to help you improve productivity and reduce production costs.


surface treatment

        Corrosion is an important aspect in any metal processing process. Diye surface treatment series products can inhibit corrosion and improve coating adhesion during the whole manufacturing process, thus reducing the rate of defective products and improving production efficiency.


heat treatment

         Diye provides global manufacturers with advanced quenching media for forging and stamping to achieve uniform metallurgical properties. Through decades of cooperation with heat treatment companies in various industries, Diye has developed a series of pure oil and water-based products, which can meet your requirements for product hardness, while reducing cracking, deformation and defective rate, thus improving your profits.